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Contrast Lut Pack Lumix GH4/GH5

Contrast Lut Pack Lumix GH4/GH5



This is a Lut pack developed for the Lumix GH4/GH5 V-Log. While you can still use these Luts on other video profiles that you get from other cameras. I can not guarantee that your out put will look the same.

8 custom made Luts to use on your V-Log Lumix GH4/GH5 Footage. These 8 Luts have been developed to use on projects that I have been hired on to over the past year. 

I'm not going to try and convince you that you need these Luts to make your footage look awesome (even though they most likely will), but instead just check them out yourself and see if you like the look. If so, I appreciate your support and hope you enjoy your new pack of Luts.

You are free to use this for personal or commercial use, download it multiple times, and even share it with friends. 

Footage provided by TMH FILMS

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